Janice Fernheimer

Rhetoric, Technology, Jewish Studies

Networks of Rhetorical Action and Resistance: Fela and Chaim Perelman’s Social Sphere

This monograph argues that Chaim Perelman, his wife Fela, and their network of Belgian Resistance leaders enacted the model of rhetorical action later developed in the The New Rhetoric Project. It grew out of my interest in Chaim Perelman’s remarkable life as a Zionist, rhetorical theorist, and humanitarian who saved many Belgian Jews during the Holocaust. This project is in development; I spent two summers (2009, 2010) researching archival materials related to the Perelman. Parts of this research, “Perelman, Judaism, and Zionism,” were presented at a dedicated Perelman Supersession at the 2010 RSA meeting.


Janice W. Fernheimer is Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at The University of Kentucky where she teaches courses in rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy; digital writing; and Jewish rhetorical studies. Her research focuses on questions of identity, invention, and cross-audience communication.

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